The times in the program below are Pacific Time (PT). The link to the conference’s platform is provided in the invitation email that follows your registration.

Conference Day 1: Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Time Title Presenters
08:45 Introduction and Welcome General Co-chair: Pavel Shamis
09:00 Keynote 1: Compute Express Link (CXL) changing the game for Cloud Computing

Session chair: Dan Pitt (Palo Alto Innovation Advisors)
Debendra Das Sharma, Intel [Bio]
Dr. Debendra Das Sharma
10:00 Diamond Sponsor Talk Intel
10:20 Break
10:35 Technical Paper Session A: Specialized Network Hardware Session chair: Scott Levy (Sandia National Laboratories)
In-network reductions on a multi-dimensional HyperX Kartik Lakhotia (USC), Fabrizio Petrini (Intel), Rajgopal Kannan (US Army Research Lab), and Viktor Prasanna (USC)
Hardware SYN Attack Protection For High Performance Load Balancers Reuven Cohen (Technion), Matty Kadosh (Nvidia), Alan Lo (Nvidia), and Qasem Sayah (Technion)
11:35 Lunch
12:30 Technical Paper Session B: Deep Learning Session chair: Vishwanath Venkatesan (Nvidia)
Accelerating CPU-based Distributed DNN Training on Modern HPC Clusters using BlueField-2 DPUs Arpan Jain, Nawras Alnaasan, Aamir Shafi, Hari Subramoni, and Dhabaleswar K Panda (The Ohio State University)
Efficient Multi-Path NVLink/PCIe-Aware UCX based Collective Communication for Deep Learning Yiltan Hassan Temucin, Amirhossein Sojoodi, Pedram Alizadeh and Ahmad Afsahi (Queen’s University)
13:30 Gold Sponsor Talks Session chair: Oscar Hernandez (Nvidia)
Extending Network Transport Across Multiple Cloud Providers
Douglas Gourlay (Vice President/General Manager, Arista)
13:50 Break
14:05 Panel – Von Neumann vs. Programmable Logic Smart NICs: Which is the Dead End?
Moderator: Scott Schweitzer (Achronix)
Team Von Neumann: Mario Baldi (Pensando), Michael Kagan (NVIDIA), Cary Ussery (Marvell)
Team FPGA: Jim Dworkin (Intel), Nick Ilyadis (Achronix), Ripduman Sohan (Xilinx)
15:35 Head Bubba Memorial Cocktail Reception

Conference Day 2: Thursday, August 19, 2021

Time Title Presenters
09:00 Keynote 2: What is Next for Optics?

Session chair: Raj Channa (RBCCM)
Andy Bechtolsheim, Arista [Bio]
Andy Bechtolsheim
10:00 Platinum Sponsor Talks Session chair: Luis E. Peña (Arm Research)
Meet Your Kinetic Data Centre - Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure
Summit Puri (LIQID), David Nguyen (Dell)
The Path to Resource Pooling from PCIe to CXL, Reducing Network Bottlenecks to Boot
Alan Benjamin (President and CEO, GigaIO)
10:30 Break
10:45 Technical Paper Session C: Buses and Memory Session chair: William (Whit) Schonbein (Sandia National Laboratories)
A low latency approach to delivering alternate protocols with coherency and memory semantics using PCI Express® 6.0 PHY at 64.0 GT/s Debendra Das Sharma (Intel)
Programmable FPGA-based Memory Controller Sasindu Wijeratne, Sanket Pattnaik, Zhiyu Chen, Rajgopal Kannan and Viktor Prasanna (University of Southern California)
11:45 Gold Sponsor Talks Session chair: Raj Channa (RBCCM)
John W. Lockwood (CEO, Algo-Logic)
Tidalscale Gary Smerdon (CEO, Tidalscale)
Facebook Facebook
12:15 Lunch
13:00 Technical Paper Session D: Routing and Switches Session chair: Ching-Hsiang Chu (Facebook)
Polarized routing: An efficient and versatile algorithm for large direct networks Cristóbal Camarero, Carmen Martinez and Ramon Beivide (University of Cantabria)
MBitTree: A fast and scalable packet classification for software switches Jing Tan, Gaofeng Lv and Guanjie Qiao (NUDT)
14:00 Silver Sponsor Talks Session chair: Min Si (Facebook)
Ayar Labs Shahab Ardalan
Lenovo Lenovo
14:10 Break
14:25 Technical Paper Session E: Hot Topics Session chair: Ryan Grant (Sandia National Laboratories)
The Future of Low Latency Memory Thomas Coughlin (Coughlin Associates, Inc.) and Jim Handy (Objective Analysis)
14:45 Closing Remarks General Co-chair: Manjunath Gorentla Venkata

Tutorials: Friday, August 20, 2021

Time Title Presenters
09:00 - 12:00 Morning Sessions (in parallel)
High Performance Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science
Dhabaleswar K. (DK) Panda, Arpan Jain, and Aamir Shafi (The Ohio State University)
Unified Communication X for Performance Portable Network Acceleration
Oscar Hernandez (Nvidia), Jeffrey Young (Georgia Institute of Technology), Matthew Baker (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Gilad Shainer (Nvidia), Yossi Itigin (Nvidia)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 - 16:00 Afternoon Session
Introduction to Networking Technologies for High-Performance Computing
Dhabaleswar K. (DK) Panda and Hari Subramoni (The Ohio State University)